November 17, 2006

ID Card and their conseqences

Another examples of the Guardian almost getting it. But not quite. Through Europhobia you might already know what happens in the US to people that don't show their ID Cards, and here is Dan Glaister's take on it in the Guardian, and what is most likely to get some kind of justice for it
Forget police oversight commissions and the bulky, lethargic bureaucracy of officialdom. YouTube is up and running faster than a cop with a primed Taser, and it makes embarrassing viewing for Los Angeles law enforcement in all its guises.
So individual students recorded the event on their mobiles (the terrible products of consumerism they are) and then uploaded the footage to YouTube (an eeeeeevil private corporation) is much better than the 'bulky, lethargic bureaucracy of officialdom'. Once again the product of free individuals is better than that provided by the state. Not that you are likely to ever get that conclusion published on the Groan.


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